Object Prompt for a Short Story

I enjoyed the object prompt for a short story from two weeks ago so much that I’ve chosen another one. What short story do these objects inspire, answering the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how? Here’s my take on it.

What?–An old film camera

Who?–An elderly amateur photographer.

Where?–In his study or home office

When?—A rainy fall afternoon on a weekend.

Why?–The elderly man bought the camera at a garage sale.

How?— After seeing strangers lurking around his house and finding a window tampered with, the old man examines the camera and sees a faint name on it. He gets out his magnifying glass and …

What short story can you write from this prompt?

Click here for the other object prompt.

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  1. Oooh, great pic and idea! Here’s my idea:

    What: Props for the spring play at the local high school

    Who: 3 cast members

    Where: the yard outside the school

    When: during a break between back-to-back dress rehearsals

    Why: the kids need fresh air and didn’t bother to change out of their costumes

    How: the camera falls out of the bag and opens, revealing a used film inside. The kids exchange wide eyes and run to the corner Walgreens to inquire about film development. Thirty minutes later back in rehearsal, the photo department manager from Walgreens sprints into the theatre waving a pack of photos. “I knew it! This confirms what I’ve known for 25 years! Get the newspaper guys here!”

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