What’s the Relationship?

What’s the relationship between these two characters? Most people would say a grandfather and grandchild, but I’m imagining a great-grandfather with his great-grandchild. In my YA mystery, my main character’s great-grandfather is a major influence within her dad’s family. Another character was raised by his great-grandfather until he was eight years old.

I only met one of my great-grandparents, my paternal grandmother’s mom, and don’t remember much about her, except for a visit when I was preschooler. Grandma Irene had had part of an arm amputated almost forty years before when a drunk driver hit her while she walked to church. I remember asking her how she lost it.

So it’s been enjoyable exploring this relationship in my fiction. I wonder if having great-grandchildren gives you a new connection to your own childhood. What do you imagine this great-grandfather and grandchild are discussing as they walk?

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  1. Beautiful! I was particularly close with one of my grandpas, and we would talk about any topic at length. I imagine that the youngster in this picture is still in the stage where few can fully understand what is said, and Great Grandpa is one who has a knack for understanding the babble. On this walk they’re talking about bugs and rain and clouds, and the bonding time is just the beginning of a wonderful lifelong relationship (full of story ideas, of course).

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