WIP Update

This is how I was feeling Friday afternoon. I finished it!

Yes, after working for a year, and despite all the obstacles the pandemic hurled at me, I’ve finished the sequel to “A Rose from the Ashes”! A Shadow on the Snow begins three weeks after the end of “A Rose” and climaxes on Good Friday.

Although the manuscript is complete now, some chapters are more polished than others. I usually write five or six chapter by hand. Then I type them. I may go over them a third time before pressing on to the next five or six chapters. So the beginning of my novel is well-polished while the last fifty pages are still in a first draft.

But I find editing and polishing much easier than creating out of my imagination, so I expect this stage of working to go much faster. I polished the first two chapters yesterday, going over them for about the tenth time, and I loved the work. Looking forward to making the rest sparkle!

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