What’s the Story?

One more speculative fiction prompt to finish my monthly theme. What’s the story? Here’s mine.

The wyvern flapped its enormous wings, forcing the smaller draco into cartwheels. But the draco used its superior speed to fly behind the wyvern and shoot its hotter flame at the back of the wyvern’s head.

I grabbed the battle ax from the deck. What a homecoming.

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  1. I love your idea of a homecoming for the warrior guy! It inspired me to write this:

    I would do anything for the king, even take on Dev and his new sidekick. I hadn’t been across the moat and into the castle for five long, lonely years. I don’t like to show up uninvited, but when Trygve sent for me last week, I knew it was an emergency. ‘Bring your battle ax. Be ready to fight to the death.’

    A scroll like that meant only one thing: Dev. The last time Trygve had sent for me to take on Dev, I failed. Mother died and Trygve was left crippled for life. So I left, ashamed of my failure and determined to never again set foot in the castle – my home. But this, taking on Father and the crippled prince, changed my mind. I was terrified to fail again, but I was even more terrified of letting Dev win again. My days of apathy were over.

    Dev blasted fire and I ignored my eyebrows singeing off. This would be the last time I would take on Dev. It would be the last because I would win. Father and Trygve would be safe, and even if I died, so would Dev. I would do this for my home kingdom. I filled my lungs and belted out my best warrior call.

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