Writing Tip — Is It Humor? Or Comedy?

grimacew-388987_1280I didn’t realize the difference between humor and comedy until I read this helpful article by Jean Wilund on Almost an Author.

I see the difference this way. When I do a pratfall on a slick spot in the driveway, that’s humor. I didn’t intend to do the action to make people laugh. If my oldest makes a joke about my pratfall, that’s comedy. He is intent on saying something funny.

I am definitely a humor writer. I create characters or a setting, and as I’m writing the scene, the possible humor of the situation or personalities comes to me. If that observation is suitable for my main character to notice, I include it.

Which do you prefer as a writer? Humor? Or comedy?

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      1. So, then do you try to write something you find funny or something you think your intended audience will think is funny? Or maybe, you and your audience agree. Hmm. I think I’ll stay away from trying to write humor and comedy for now. I think it’s great you add humor to your writing.

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