Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: YA Fiction

roadw-2107481_1280This is my last spark for YA fiction. I chose this photo because it can be used in any genre. Who is the girl and why is she hitchhiking? Is she hunting for a friend who disappeared after a murder was committed? Is she on the run from officials because she possesses special powers? Is she crossing the country to start her first year at college and her car has broken down in a remote area without cell reception?

What’s the story you imagine?

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  1. Those are interesting ideas…Here’s a different thought: Maybe she wants to take a chance on Nashville to pursue a singing dream….and her car didn’t make it out of her home-state. The mountains mean poor cell-service so she can’t call for help.

    1. Great start! She gets a ride from a local who sings an old folk song that the girl is inspired to write a song based on it and wants to collaborate with the driver. But the driver is reluctant and needs convincing.

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