Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: Who Are Your Favorite Movie Heroes?

filmklappew-818198_1280This month’s theme is movies and how being a classic movie fan has influenced my writing.

So who are your favorite movie heroes, characters you will watch over and over again? Here are a few of mine:

  • Sherlock Holmes: I will try most Sherlock Holmes movies, but I haven’t watched the ones staring Robert Downey, Jr. because, physically, he is so unlike my vision of the character that I don’t think I could buy him as the Great Detective.
  • Amateur detectives: I love movies in which a non-professional investigates a mystery. Underdogs have always appealed to me.
  • Unlikely heroes: I know this is pretty broad, but what I mean is when a movie creates a hero that breaks usual movie stereotypes. I’ve only seen parts of a 1943 horror movie called The Return of the Vampire but the parts I have seen I’ve enjoyed because the characters tackling the vampire are not a well-muscled young hero and his brave girlfriend, but a middle-aged women and a almost-retirement-age police inspector, who are trying to thwart the vampire’s efforts to capture the fiancée  of the women’s son.

Who are your favorite movie heroes?

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  1. I have several suspense/thriller with a dash of romance tossed in that I will watch over and over again. One example is the Bourne franchise. Also in my line up are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Saint, Jack Ryan, and Jack Reacher.

    1. I’d forgotten about he Bourne movies. They are some of my favorite contemporary movies. I love how they use settings. Especially the first one, where Bourne is driving through a snow-covered Europe.

  2. John Wayne, Superman, Sherlock Holmes, Hercules, Firefighters, Plicemen, Forensic, War Heroes, Drs. , Nurses, , so , so many.

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