An Easter Story: “Dad sent me.”

crossw-3080144_1280I wrote this Easter story a few years ago to express how I think about Easter. May you be blessed during the most hopeful holiday of the year!


I am trapped.

The boulder is heading straight for me. I can’t escape.  What good would it do anyway?

I’ve ended up in this exact situation before, too many times before, so why try to get away?

It’s my own stupid fault.  I finally get that.

There’s nothing I can do.

I huddle down. How much will it hurt this time? I can’t take much more pain. I am so sorry. So very, very sorry. Not that that matters.

I’m knocked to the ground.  But not by the boulder.

A man, a stranger, shoves me out of the way. I twist around to him. The boulder smashes into him and shatters into a pile of rubble, burying him.

I gape. I stare. Why would a stranger save me?

The pile moves. Flinging off the rocks, the man stands up.

I splutter, “B-b-but how?  But who?  But why?”

Brushing off the dust and dirt, the man gives me a huge grin and answers all my questions with one sentence.

“Dad sent me.”

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  1. This story is pretty powerful! I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless you.

      1. I could picture the story happening right in front of me! I liked the way you describe Jesus as being so powerful, but also kind and friendly.

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