Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: Where’s Your Writing “Office”?

chairw-2581107_1280The theme for this month is the writing process. I’ll share what I’ve learned about how I can be the most productive and creative with my writing. And I hope you will share your knowledge.

So where’s your writing office? My house is my usual office. I’ve written at my dining room table, my kitchen table, and even at the desk I bought for writing. Lately, I’ve had to ditch the tables and desk because I made my shoulder sore in December, writing 10,000 words in two weeks to meet a deadline for a short story, and it still hasn’t recovered. So I’ve been writing on couches where I can keep my elbows lower and put a pillow underneath my right one if I need it.

In the summer, I like to get out on the island in the river by our house and write in a beach chair. But the weather has to cooperate to make that “office” available.

Now it’s your turn. Where do you write regularly?

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  1. I know it sounds silly but writing followed me since childhood. And I know the feeling of writting too much andhurting a shoulder or arm and realizing I need to sit different.
    I think I write best when I’m mad but relaxed at the same time. Also when I don’t want to write I write too much. Its a endless perplex I think. I know its real. The urge to write is either there or its not. Can’t force it. Can’t fake it either.

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