Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: Describe this scene using all five senses

winterw-677721_1280This month I am focusing on how to maximize the senses in your writing. So my Monday sparks will have pictures to encourage you to describe a scene using all five senses.

Whether you have directly experienced a setting, or imaging a character in one, it helps to make a list of what your character is sensing. Then you can work those observations into a paragraph and the fabric of the story.

I think there is a family out on the ice. The group of four are a mother and father one the right and their two high school or college age kids on the left. The person farthest on the left, who appears to be testing the ice, will be my point of view (POV) character.

I say he is a teenage boy. What would he be sensing in this situation?

Sight: The glare of the sun on the snow. The contrast between the white snow and the stark black outlines of the trees.

Sound: They appear to be out in the country, so the pond could be quiet. A light breeze making the bare branches creak.

Smell: I have a terrible sense of smell and in a cold environment, I wouldn’t smell anything. But in this scene, a fire could be burning on the short. The strong, comforting smell of burning wood drifting through the air.

Taste: The smokey air could have a taste to it. If it starts to snow, my character could taste the snow on his tongue. After the family talks out on the ice, they could prepare food over the fire, bitter coffee, sweet marshmallows.

Touch: The cold air on exposed skin. If the air is really cold, it can burn in his nose and down his lungs, putting pressure on his chest. Some part of his outfit, a scarf or hat scratching his skin. The pressure of his foot as he presses it against the icy surface of the pond.

Now that I have my sensory experiences listed, I will plug in a few at a time as the scene unfolds.

Now it’s your turn. Who are you in this scene? What are you experiencing? And if you you know what the person is doing on the far right, please tell me!



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  1. Great prompt, JPC. It gets the brain hopping. 🙂 I think the person on the far right is ice fishing. I believe I can see a hole in the ice and the object to the far right is an open bucket.

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