Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: What Made Thanksgiving 2018 Memorable?

thanksgiving-background2-2872853_1280Did you have a memorable Thanksgiving? Even if you didn’t, give yourself the first gift of the Christmas season and write down what happened. Keeping a journal of what happens on holidays is a wonderful gift for yourself or anyone among your family or friends with whom you regularly celebrate.

This is year will go down in my family’s history as unique. Forty-five minutes before the food was ready to set out, my teenage niece called and said her family — my oldest sister, her husband and son — would be late. My niece gave no explanation. Puzzled, I hurried about, getting my church ready for our family Thanksgiving.

I ran home, got a load of food from my husband, and drove back to the church. After I carried the food into the church, Middle Sis told me Oldest Sis called her. They were running late because they discovered, as they walked out of the house to drive to the church, that their van had been stolen, and they were waiting for the police to arrive.

My jaw dropped, but fortunately, my hands were empty, or a bowl of potatoes might have joined it.

Also, fortunately, my husband was a little behind schedule, so when Oldest Sis and her family finally arrived in another vehicle, they were only ten minutes late.

Even better, this story has a happy ending. A cop stopped by Oldest Sis’s house on Friday and drove her to where they had recovered her van. The thief was driving it just a block away from her home. When he saw the police were after him, he leaped out of the car, and it ran into another vehicle parked in a drive. Still, Oldest Sis has her van back, along with her prescription sunglasses, and the insurance will pay for the damage to the front of the van.

What made Thanksgiving 2018 memorable for you?


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