Monday Sparks — What Food Do You Hate?

jumbo-marshmallowss-788773_1280I know this sounds crazy, but the food I hate the most is marshmallows. I got choked on a large one when I was a preschooler, and I can’t bring myself to try one even for- thir- I mean, many years after that traumatic incident. Texture is critically important to me when it comes to food, so if the texture makes me gag, I cannot eat it, no matter what it tastes like. Any food with a texture like marshmallows is off limits to me. I can’t even eat meringue.

Now it’s your turn. What food do you hate?

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    1. On my mom’s side of the family, it was tradition to eat fried oysters at Christmas. You’d be on the same side as my husband and brothers-in-law — out of the four of them, none can stand oysters.

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