Mondays Sparks — Writing Prompts: Reflections on Summer 2018

naturew1-3294681_1280Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer in the U.S. Although the calendar says summer lasts until September 22 this year, most people regard Labor Day as the true end, time for reflections on Summer 2018.

If you were to write up your summer, what would be the theme, something that could tie most of your experiences together? Mine would be Nature Adventures.

Because my kids worked on a fishing project for 4-H, I got to know the river and creek near our house so much better. They have moods almost like people. Where the creek meets the river, the bottom is very rocky and uneven, but when I wade further west, the bottom smooths out. I’ve seen a doe and fawn dart away as we come splashing through. We found a dead beaver, which we think had been attacked.

On our annual trip to North Carolina, my family and I took a cruise around Harker’s Island. As we headed back to the dock, the full moon rose over the sea. If Blackbeard’s ship had suddenly sailed beneath it, I wouldn’t have been the least surprised.

We had another adventure when the kids and I met a cousin and her family at a state park. All the kids hunted for fossils and went swimming, and my youngest caught a fish. As we drove home that evening, the golden light was as comforting and cozy as the day spent with family. The perfect summer evening.

What are your reflections on Summer 2018?

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  1. I had a nice summer with my daughter. There is nothing like watching children…or young adults in her case…discover who they are in life. Glad you had a nice summer with your kids!

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