Writing Tip — Favorite Stories: From the Lake to the River

Anthology Meme 1With the release of From the Lake to the River: Buckeye Christian Fiction Authors 2018 Anthology, containing my very first short story, just two days away,  here are the blurbs for a few more of the stories. If you missed the first set of blurbs, including mine, check out this post from the start of the month.

“Evie’s Letter” by Cindy Thomson

A group of ladies in Cardington, Ohio, are answering letters to Santa. One letter from the daughter of a Confederate soldier asks for something more difficult than giving toys and candy. The women must decide if they can put aside their sorrow for the sake of a child.

“Christmas Angels” by Carole Brown

Her mother called her a failure, and maybe she was. Her husband was gone—in the service, yes, but if he loved her—really loved her, why didn’t he write? Or call? Or send the money she needed?

She was scared too, afraid of being alone, and though she loved this sweet little bundle of joy—her baby—well, was she smart enough and strong enough to raise her? She didn’t mind doing without all the nice things she’d love to have, but not being able to provide luxuries like Christmas trees, ornaments and presents for her baby girl was beyond enduring.

What she needed was a miracle…and that wasn’t going to happen.

“Cold Read” by Sharyn Kopf

When Stephie Graham volunteered to direct The Rainmaker at the historic Holland Theatre in Bellefontaine, Ohio, she might not have thought it all through. Like how hard it can be to find six male cast members for a small community production. But then Andy Tremont moseys into the audition—and into her heart.

At first, everything seems to be coming together just fine … until it starts to fall apart. First, the female lead breaks her foot. Then Stephie learns there are talks of selling the Holland to developers. And, in case things weren’t difficult enough, the theatre might have a ghost named Juniper who’s trying to keep Stephie and Andy from getting together. There was, in fact, a Juniper who took the Holland stage in 1933 and sang about her broken heart, certain she had lost her chance at love.

But maybe God has a plan for both women that is beyond what either could ever imagine.

“Fred’s Gift” by Bettie Boswell

Widowed mother Dawn is filled with regrets concerning her aging father. Is it too late to make up for lost time? Or, will she find peace and perhaps a new love as her father’s final journey is revealed?

You can pre-order this book at the following sites: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. On Saturday, when the book releases, I’ll have more information on how to buy it.

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