Monday Sparks — Writing Prompt: A Scene for Country Noir

walkersw-486583_1280.jpgWhen I found this photo, I knew it would be the perfect prompt for a scene for country noir.

Who is this character? Is he walking away from a heinous crime he’s committed? Is he about to commit a heinous crime? Maybe he’s trying to prevent a heinous crime. In all that fog, at least one heinous crime should be hiding in there.

Here’s how I would start the scene:

“Hunching my shoulders, I walked slowly, listening. If I could hear them before they saw me, I had a chance. I could also turn around and run. I stopped, my ears straining. Fight or flight? Which gave me the best chance at survival? I started waking. Neither one, as far as I could tell. Might as well face them and get it over with. One way or the other.”

How would you use this photo as a scene for country noir?



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  1. Fabulous photo! Personally, I think the cows were due to come home, and they haven’t, so he’s on his way to the field, where something in the unnaturally silent fog shrouded world is waiting…

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