Monday Sparks — Writing Prompt: How Would You Use This Scene?

seaplanew-1149100_1280Since August is the last full month of summer, I will post prompts that can be associated with the season during the month.

How would you use this scene? For a mystery? An adventure? Science fiction? Family drama? Because my mind seems to have a criminal bent, I would use the discovery of the plane for a mystery. Perhaps the three divers uncover a treasure that bad guys are after. Or maybe they find an object they don’t realize has value. The bad guys pursue them and they don’t know why.

I could do a dual mystery — one set in the present, and one set in the past, when the plane went down. Jamie Jo Wright specializes in this kind of mystery.

Let me know how you would use this scene!

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  1. The family of a disgraced pilot are finally able to afford to have the rumoured plane wreckage located and recovered in order to clear his name. The establishment have spent years fighting to leave the plane and its secrets buried somewhere at the bottom of the ocean. An assumed desserter when in fact he was a hero shot down attacking a German fleet. Family/Courtroom drama, fighting for justice against a WWII Military cover up.

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