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girlw-1346482_1280I am dedicating my blog this May to historical fiction. With that in mind, today’s prompt is about delving into personal history, in the hopes your nonfiction experience might provide fictional inspiration. What is your earliest memory? I find early memories misleading because I imagine events my parents and grandparents told me about and think they are memories.

One memory I am sure of: I was not quiet four year old when my mom had my sister. I remember my parents coming home from the hospital and laying my new sister on the double bed in the front bedroom of our house. I jumped up on the bed and sat beside her to get a look at her. That’s as far as the memory goes, but I know it’s a true memory.

Share your earliest memory in the comments.

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  1. One of the earliest memories of mine that I am certain of is standing at a bridge with my grandpa and watching the trains going from under us. I must have been three years old.

  2. I remember standing in the front of the house we moved away from when I was three. Not much about it, just the house and shutters. (Of course, Mom and Dad say I didn’t actually notice when we’d moved, since the carpet and linoleum and kitchen fixtures were all identical in the old place and the new :D)

    1. I moved when I was four and remember that time vividly because shortly after we got established in our new house, I pulled a television — not your flat screen jobs — off a stand and onto my head!

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