Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts

ThankfulTo get ready for Thanksgiving, I thought a prompt about thankfulness would be appropriate.

Even though I am grateful for all the major events and people in my life, like my family and graduating from college, I want to focus on little things I’m thankful for

Driving to pick up my oldest at school, I passed a harvested field of corn. A large bird of prey rose out of the field. Its tail was white above and below so I couldn’t identify the species. I stopped my car, so the huge, roaring machine wouldn’t scare it. The bird turned and flew across the road in front of me. It was a bald eagle. I had never been so close to a wild one before.

Driving on, I felt my whole body lift and lighten. I hadn’t been having a bad day, and yet the sight of that bird made the whole day better. Maybe it was the surprise of the sighting. Or the brush with wild nature. But I thanked God for the experience.

A psychiatrist I knew said often it’s the little, positive memories that carry us through a dark time.

So what little thing are you thankful for?

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  1. I am learning to thank God for the trials each day. When you can be thankful for the bad things each day, it really takes your focus off you and shows you God is really in control.

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