Monday Sparks — Writing prompts

halloween girlsI have two favorite memories of Halloween.

The first is trick-or-treating my grandparents. They lived out in the country so they never had neighborhood children come to their door. My family lived in a nearby town. Once we were done with our local trick-or-treat, my three sisters and I would pile into the car with my mom and head into the dark countryside.

The only lights on the rural road were from the houses. My grandparents were so glad to see us. Besides the treats they bought for the holiday, my grandparents always had a candy dish filled with chocolate candy because my grandpa liked chocolate. I have that candy dish.

My other favorite memory is trick-or-treating in the tiny town where my kids go to school with a group of friends from our church. We all live in the country and come in to town to let the kids trick-or-treat. Everyone in town seems to be involved in the holiday.

The fire department offers hotdogs and other food and let everyone examine their equipment, a child’s dream come true. Several homeowners create their own haunted houses in their yards and porches, free of charge.

I love walking the dark streets with friends, watching the kids race from house to house, the feeling of community present on the face of each person I meet.

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