Monday Sparks — Writing prompts

hand-2096656_12801Describe the best vacation you ever had.

My favorite was hunting for seashells at Shackleford Banks, North Carolina. My family took a ferry to a barrier island whose only inhabitants are wild horses. Shackleford Banks is nine miles of beach and scrub and one building containing a restroom.

We crossed the the island from where the ferry dropped us off to the side that faces the ocean. During low tide, we wore masks and, holding hands, floated on the sea looking for shells. When we spotted a good candidate, we reached for it.

The thrill of discovering a complete shell, six-inches longer or longer, never grew old. The vacation combined several things I love — the sea, treasure hunts, and family. That day was pure joy.

If you are prompted to write something, please share it. Keep your writing fun and friendly. If you have written a long piece, just submit the first hundred words. Hope to hear from you!

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