Monday Sparks — writing prompts to fan your creative flame

meteorite-1060886_1280Since I usually find landscapes inspiring, whether I look at one in person or in a painting or photograph, this Monday’s prompt is a sci-fi landscape. This scene intrigued me because the people in it don’t seem scared of the fiery meteor.  They are focusing on it but their postures don’t reveal any fear.  Why?  Were they expecting it? Maybe meteors fly by all the time.  I could start a story like this:

My little brother looked up from the praying mantis he was holding. We both watched the meteor soar out of sight.

“Do you think it’ll land where the others have?”

I said, “Sure.  Why not?”

“Can we go see?  Please?”

I rolled my eyes, but since I had to watch Jake any way, we might as well.

“Okay. But remember we have to be quiet.”

Jake bobbed his head up and down in agreement and hopped on his trike.

How does the picture inspire you?


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