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img_6754Resolutions for the New Year

With the beginning of the new year come resolutions.  I never make resolutions, either because I don’t think I will keep them or because I will forget them.  But I think making some about writing will be helpful.

Writing every day is critical to developing my skill.  Keeping up a blog has given structure to my writing, and I think, improved it.  Forcing myself to meet deadlines has provided a discipline to my writing I didn’t realize I needed.

I also keep a paper journal of family life, which I often forget to do daily.  I am hoping now that by posting my resolution to write in my journal daily, I will be able to stick with it.  I am also going to try my hand at guest blogging, if I can find anyone interested in inviting me.

So set writing goals for yourself that push, slightly, your skills.  You don’t want to make the goals so difficult or unreasonable that you give up.

Whatever your goals are — keep writing.  Write a journal, write a blog, write fiction, write nonfiction, write poetry, but WRITE!  Something is always better than nothing.


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