Scripture Saturday


On Thursday, I went to the Decision America rally on the state house lawn.  I had never been to something like that and didn’t know what to expect.  I was glad the speaker Franklin Graham did not endorse any political party.  He led prayer, and his basic message was to pray about how to vote and then be sure to vote in all elections, not just the presidential one.

The news estimated that 8,000 people attended.  I think that was a great attendance for noon on a weekday.  It was very encouraging to see so many Christians from different walks of life in one place.  The only things I can compare it to was a Billy Graham crusade I attended in Cincinnati around fifteen years ago and a United Methodist world conference I went to in Cleveland in 2000.  The choir in the church where I grew up was invited, with many other choirs, to sing during the opening service.  It was very moving to take communion during that service with Christians from around the world.

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