Let’s Write a Legend

Setting is the theme this on JPC Allen Writes, and today’s prompt is inspired by my family’s visit to the King’s Hollow Tunnel (or King’s Switch Tunnel or King Station Tunnel–this place has more names than a member of the British royal family). This tunnel is part of the Moonville Rail Trail. The Moonville Tunnel is reputed to be haunted, but I think the King’s Hollow Tunnel is a much better site for a ghostly legend. So let’s write a legend for this setting.

As usual, my mind turns to crime. I imagine that when the trail was a railroad in the 1800’s, a body was found alongside of it. It took authorities awhile to identify it, but the dead man was an exiled king of a small European country. People in the area believed the ex-king was traveling incognito but his enemies caught up with him on the train. That’s how the place got it’s name–King Hollow. Legend says that the ghost of the king still walks the trail, looking for his killers.

Now it’s your turn. What legend can you imagine for this setting?

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  1. What a fun prompt! The weird glimmer of green toward the top of the photo adds to the suspicious/ dangerous mood!
    It makes me think of a high school hockey team that has an initiation tradition of painting graffiti in the tunnel while another teammate drives through in reverse (dangerously fast, of course). And when someone gets hurt, the teenage children of the family who owns the land take it upon themselves to crack the case and expose the initiation for what it is.

    1. This sounds great! So would it start with the teens finding an injured player and nobody knows why he’s in the tunnel? You could have the boy’s parents threaten to sue the family so the teens think they have to figure out what’s going on.

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