Author interview with Theresa Van Meter

Always exciting to introduce to you a new author! In 2017, I met Theresa at a Serious Writer conference in Ohio. We’ve corresponded since then, and when I wanted to feature someone who writes short stories, I knew an author interview with Theresa Van Meter would be the perfect fit. Welcome, Theresa!

You are a sweet romance author. What makes a story a sweet romance?

For me a sweet romance story is filled with romance, and no sex.

Why do you write sweet romance stories?

I took my writing seriously in the ’90s with a goal toward publication, and I needed to focus on a niche. The possibilities were as wide open as an eight-lane highway. I could write anything. Despite my freedom, I couldn’t imagine, writing a scene that I’d be embarrased for my grandma to read. However, I knew that there was money in writing titillating stories and writing sweet could reduce my chances of publication. I wrestled with my decision and I even considered using a pen name. But, in the end I chose sweet.

After my grandma died, I no longer needed to worry about her reading a racy scene that I could write. However, I am a Christian now, and my road is narrow, so I still write sweet.

What a wonderful story! I understand the desire to write something your grandparents would be pleased to read.

What was the inspiration for your romantic short story, “Buried Treasure”?

Inspiration came to me when I saw a photograph in the local newspaper. It was a photo of children taking part in the annual treasure hunt at Lake Alma. There was a story there, but I needed to find my character’s names. Once I have the names, ideas flow for me.

I use an old phone book to choose their names. I have a routine that I use, so that the names I choose are random. The names chosen for this story were David and Della.

Those names sparked the idea for my fictional story. On a personal level, David is the name of my first love that I lost at the ripe old age of five. So, I wondered what might happen if my characters lost their first loves. Words flowed, and after days of rewriting and editing, the result was “Buried Treasure.”

I love choosing names for characters! Sometimes, if a character isn’t working well, I figure out I need a better name.

Why do you enjoy writing short stories? 

The simple answer is, it’s fun. But fun isn’t the only reason I enjoy writing short. I am a pantser. I don’t have a plan for how my story will start or end. In my opinion, it is easier to write short without an outline. I know it’s difficult to write a novel without an outline. I have a manuscript written by the seat of my pants and it is an editing mess. It may never be published.

By writing short, I can write many stories. I can enter my character’s lives and enjoy their story. Then savor the ending and move on to the next story. For me, it takes much less time to write a short story compared to a novel.

What are some of your favorite short stories?

This is a hard question for me to answer. I love to read. But the lack of free time limits my reading. However, one of my writing goals for 2021 is to have a short story published in The People’s Friend. I need to read that magazine again. The editors fill it with lots of well-written stories. Hmm, that gives me an idea for my website. I may create a list of my latest favorite stories from The People’s Friend.

It’s a hard questions for me, too, because there are so many I love different kinds of short stories. Click here for a list of some of my favorites.



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Theresa Van Meter comes from a long line of storytellers and loves to spin tales of sweet romance. She has published her short stories online, and in magazines and her short story, “Buried Treasure”, is in the romantic anthology, By My Side. On her website, she enjoys interviewing authors about short stories. When she isn’t writing, she sells jewelry online, enjoys exercising, and playing board games with her family. Find more at Facebook or on her website

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