Write this Scene in Show Don’t Tell

This month, the theme is “show don’t tell”. My pictures for writing prompts will all feature scenes that allow you to imagine yourself as a character in it. Or you can describe the scene as an omniscient narrator. Then write the scene in the “show don’t tell” technique.

Here’s mine:

A breeze ruffling my fur, I stare at Mandy. Life just hasn’t been the same since those two-legged pups showed up. Mandy hardly notices me any more. I appreciate she hasn’t let me starve and still takes me for walks, but it’s not the same.

She’s so busy with getting her pups to sit–something I can do on the first command– that I’ll just do some exploring on my own.

I head off at an easy trot. Nothing like springtime. Sometimes all the smells can overwhelm young dogs, but I’ve got enough experience to sort them all out and enjoy them.

Let’s see … sweet yellow flowers, clean grass, and–and–I lick my nose. Yes, meat. Probably one of those fat worm-shaped cuts humans like to eat with red sauce. But the pungent, sweet aroma of the sauce is missing.

I glance over my shoulder. Mandy drags the younger pup back to the log. I won’t be missed. Licking my chops as well as my nose, I lope toward the aroma of meat.

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  1. Fun story! A good example of showing, not telling. Sometimes I do both (show and then tell) and then in my first review I have to take one or the other out.

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