Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: What’s the Mystery?

cemeteryw1-998819_1920Here’s a prompt for the holiday. I love stories that combine the creepiness of Halloween with perfectly rational mysteries. What’s the mystery about the mausoleum?

The deputy turned as the sheriff strode over from this SUV.

They both stared at the body of a man lying in front of the door to the Ryder mausoleum. Blood cake around several wounds on his head.

“Do you know him?” asked the deputy.

“Nope.” The sheriff lowered himself onto his haunches for a better look. “Nope. And I haven’t heard anybody mention a stranger like this visiting the county.”

“No ID. Or a phone or a wallet.” The deputy frowned. “I suppose I should ask the Ryders if they know him.”

The sheriff grimaced as he stood. “I’ll ask them. Taking on the tough jobs is what I was elected for.”

The frown vanished. “Thanks, boss.”

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