Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: What’s the Mystery?

pulpitw3-3990745_1920What’s the mystery about today’s photo prompt? The boy or man on the ladder has definitely noticed something that’s unusual enough to make him pause on his climb. What is it? The bleak woods automatically make me think something sinister is going on. I don’t know if my mind would leap to a mystery if he was overlooking a field of spring wildflowers.

Here’s how I was inspired:

I glanced at my phone. Mom would have supper almost ready. Time to head back and put up with all the noise four kids under twelve can make. I slipped my book into my jacket. At least, I’d had a little peace before starting my homework.

As I stepped onto the ladder of  the old hunting blind, a few shots rang out of the valley below. Somebody target practicing.

I frowned. I’d have to skirt the valley, staying up on the ridge, and that would make me late.

Another shot. A scream.

I froze on the ladder, my left leg swaying.

That wasn’t target practice.

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