Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: Weird Inspiration

manw-869215_1280Inspiration for writing can hit at anytime, come from any source. Jen Turano mentioned in her interview that a goat solved a plot problem. While I was watching an old Disney movie with my kids, a portrait of a woman caught my imagination. That portrait has inspired a villain. What weird inspiration have you used in your writing?

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  1. i can’t think about something i’ve already used, but just today i read this post where the blogger posted stuff about Japanese culture and superstition. there was one about a statue where, about eighty years ago, a woman made a wish and threw water at the statue. that wish came true, and so now people keep on splashing water at the statue and making wishes. it made me think: what if someone cursed did the splash and a wish, only to have that wish go wrong? of course, i have to figure the wish, the curse, how it goes wrong and so on…. ha! but it’s a start for – possibly – future writing.

    1. Great idea! I love taking something everyone accepts as normal, such as making a wish, and turning it on its head. Your story made me think of a wishing well. But instead of asking wishing for yourself, you throw money in to curse other people.

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