Mondays Sparks — Writing prompt

woman-792150_1280What does a dog think when he or she goes for a walk?

One of my favorite books when I was a kid was 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith — it was a book before it was a cute Disney movie. The dalmatians call their owners their “pet” and talk about putting their “pets” on the leash when they go out for a walk.

My sister had a small dog named Ginger that was part terrier. The terrier part made Ginger think she was the size of a St. Bernard. And also the head of the household.

Here is what I imagine Ginger thought of a walk: “Why do I have to wear this lousy rope? I know how to walk.  Well, if you won’t leave the rope at home, I am going to make you walk fast. Don’t pull like that. I am leading, you are following. How will you know where to go if I don’t lead? Maybe the rope is a good idea. You won’t get lost.”

Share if you have your own idea of what your dog is thinking on a walk.



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