West Virginia Wednesdays

img_20160817_0004img_20160928_0001img_20160817_0003Hawks Nest State Park

I visited this state park, located south and east of Charleston,  several years ago, but the nice thing about state parks is that they only change with the seasons.  I stayed in the park lodge and used the cable car, which is called the aerial tram, to get down to the New River.  Being an old movie fan, I couldn’t help but think of the Clint Eastwood WWII movie Where Eagles Dare while I rode on the tram.  I also took a jet boat out onto the river, where you have great views of the New River Gorge Bridge.  I also visited nearby Babcock State Park. I love being out in nature and recommend visiting both parks.

New River Gorge Bridge is the second largest single span bridge in the world and the third highest in the U.S.  On the third Saturday in October, the bridge is closed to traffic and people can walk across it and watch BASE jumpers jump off it.  All kinds of events are planned for the day, so check out this site if you are interested.

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