Placeholder ImageA great way to get in a regular writing habit is to keep a journal about your life.  Every writer should keep a writing journal, which holds all your ideas and attempts at different kinds of writing.  But a daily journal, like a diary, is a way to keep writing even when inspiration has died.  Paper is best.  You don’t have to censor yourself or worry about security.

I started a journal in high school — I refused to call it a diary.  I remember thinking it was something I should do because I liked writing and had some vague idea that I was also doing it for history’s sake.

Forget history.  Write for yourself, about what interests you.  If chronicling every event of the day sounds too boring, pick just one event and write it out in detail.  Or keep a journal just about a hobby or a sport.  Some movie buffs have movie journals, listing when and where he or she watched a movie and a review of it.  You can keep a journal on any topic. that interests you.  The important thing is to start writing and keep writing.

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