Observe nature

I have always found nature influencing my writing.  The natural world is an important setting in my stories, and I observe nature whenever I am out so I can describe it accurately.  Like how the wind feels just before a storm bursts.  Or how the sky and sun look on a really humid summer day.

Get out in nature, sit quietly, and observe.  What is blooming at this time of year.  What is dying?  How does the sun or wind or humidity feel on your skin?  What animals can you see?  What animals can  you hear?  Don’t forget to watch and listen for insects.  What can you smell?  Freshly turned earth?  Cut grass?  Skunk spray?  Are the smells strong enough to taste?  (The skunk would be.)

As you observe, jot down your impressions but don’t try to write in complete sentences.  Just try to capture your impressions as accurately as you can.  Later, you can polish them.

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