Christin Fiction Writers Online Conference

For all my writer friends, I wanted to tell you about Mt. Zion Ridge Press Christian Fiction Writers Online Conference. From May 13-15, attendees get to hear two great speakers and authors, James L. Rubart and Rachel Hauk. I’ve heard both Mr. Rubart and Mrs. Hauk speak and they are funny, thoughtful, and full of encouragement.

Fourteen different workshops will be offered. I’ll be teaching “Build a Better Teen–How Character is Key in YA Fiction”. I’ve had a wonderful time putting this workshop together and know I’ll have a great time teaching and learning from the writers who take part in it.

To register or learn more, click here for site for Mt. Zion Ridge Press Christian Fiction Writers Online Conference.

Great News about “A Shadow on the Snow”!

I hope you can tell from the look on my face that I am thrilled beyond words. Actually, not really beyond words because I’m typing this post to you. But I’m still in shock. I sold my WIP, my YA Christian mystery A Shadow on the Snow, to Mt. Zion Ridge Press. They published my two short stories, but this is my first book. I’m a novelist!

I got the news while we were taking a spring break vacation at Burr Oak State Park in Morgan County, Ohio. It’s fitting that I read the email there because southeastern Ohio is the setting for my mystery.

This has been a long time coming and yet I wouldn’t want it to have happened any sooner. I’ve been writing stories since I was seven. I’ve dreamed of publishing a novel since high school and began writing regularly when I was a freshman in college and was recovering from an appendectomy. I took time off when I had my kids. Not a conscious decision, but I didn’t have the time or brain power left after a day of wrangling preschoolers.

For the past six years, I buckled down to effort of getting published. I’ve also learned so much about writing, mostly gaining an understanding of the current interpretation of “show, don’t tell”. The effort forced me tackle things I’d never considered possible, like social media, which I’m still learning, and flying by myself.

I’m very grateful to Mt. Zion Ridge Press for giving me this opportunity. But mostly I’m grateful to God. A Shadow on the Snow is truly His story, and I am so happy that I could work on it with Him. As a Christian writer, I know God wants me to use these stories to touch and help people. But He also uses the writing process to help me get to know Him better. That’s what I love and find so exciting about writing for and with my Father. I’m always learning something new about Him!

I’ll have lots more about my novel this year. So happy I can share this with those of you who have been kind enough to follow me. Stay tuned!

I’m So Excited!

The reason I’m so excited is that I am a finalist in the Anthology category for the Selah Awards! Blue Ridge Christian Writers gives these awards at their conference in May. I hadn’t realized they announced finalists, so I wasn’t expecting to hear any news until the awards ceremony.

I entered my YA mystery short story, “A Rose from the Ashes” from Christmas fiction off the beaten path. A huge thank-you to the publishers of Mt. Zion Ridge Press, Tamera Lynn Kraft and Michelle Levigne for accepting my story and being so enthusiastic about it. Another huge thank-you to editor Jenna Kraft for giving me so much good advice.

It may be a cliche to say that it’s a thrill to be nominated, but I am very happy with fulfilling that cliche!

Good News!

backgroundw-313367_1280I am very excited to announce that my second shorty story will be published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press in Christmas Off the Beaten Path Anthology¬†¬†that will come out in November or December 2019. “A Rose from the Ashes” is YA Christmas mystery, set in contemporary rural Ohio, and I had the best time writing it. Nothing like writing a Christmas story during the Christmas season to put a writer in a merry mood. But I didn’t think I would enjoy the process when I first learned I had only two weeks to come up with a 5,000 word story before the deadline for submissions.

I am not a fast writer. And with all the preparations for the holiday, I didn’t see how I could do it. But I told my husband I wanted to go for it. And I wrote a 10,000 word story. Thanks to Tamera Lynn Kraft and Michelle Lavigne for giving my story the chance to see the light of print!


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