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Just for fun

Just For Fun

crocusw-1985298_1280This is for everyone who finds March as boring and frustrating as I do.

Writing Tip — Just for Fun

boards1-70001_1280Here’s an acrostic poem for the news season which will begin in less than two weeks. If you write an autumn acrostic poem, please share!

Writing Tip — Just For Fun

fireworksw-804838_1280A poem that sums up the month so far where I live. Enjoy!


Writing Tip — Just For Fun

sailing-boatw-485943_1280I wrote the poem to express my feelings for June as a wonderful setting for adventure. Enjoy!


Writing Tip — Just for Fun

chalkboardwp-2495162_1280I posted a version of this poem last May but I didn’t have the meter right. So I worked with it and now every line is the correct rhythm.

If you are a student or a teacher or somehow connected to schools, let me know if this poem rings true for you.


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