Prompt for Fall Haiku

Since my theme is nature this month, I have to have a haiku prompt, and since it’s September, what could be better than a prompt for fall haiku? I wrote the poem below a few years ago. Fall may still be my favorite season, but my taste seems to be changing. Spring and summer have been garnering more of my affection lately. But fall still brings the best weather to the Buckeye State.

Crisp–the word for fall.

Ripe apples, dry leaves, sharp winds

That hint of winter.

JPC Allen

Please leave your fall haiku in the comment below.

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Poems of Faith

I love to write poetry. The art form is such a change of pace from writing mysteries. Nature usually is the catalyst to inspire me, and when it does, the result is almost always poems of faith.

One place in nature that sparks my poetic side is the river by our house. I find such escape and solace hanging there. Here’s a variation of a poem I wrote a few years ago.

If you’ve written a poem of faith, you can share it in the comments. Or share a favorite Christian poem. For more poetry prompts, click here.

Prompt for a Spring Poem

New month, new theme! April is national poetry month. I decided to combine music and poetry as my theme since aspects of the two arts overlap. I was going to have a prompt for a spring haiku today, but then a poem came to me that was strictly modern, so I settled on a prompt for a spring poem–any style. Hope you enjoy it! Please write your spring poem in the comments. Click here for more poetry prompts.

Spring creeps in.

Not like its cousin Fall,

Who bursts onto the scene

In a blaze of glory.

Spring sneaks and slides,

A bud here, a blade there.

And then you wake up one morning

And green has wrapped the world

In a serene hug.

JPC Allen

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