Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts

What is your best/ worst memory about starting school?

One of my most vivid memories about starting school happened when I was in eighth grade. Up until that time, I had two modes, summer and school. When school started, my relaxed summer mode would switch over to the energetic school mode. In that mode, I felt eager to do work at school.

In October of eighth grade, I was sitting in the last class of the day and realized my school mode hadn’t kicked in yet. That was strange. It was usually in top working order by October. I wondered what happened.

And I still do. I never found my school mode again. I trudged through high school, and even college, in summer mode, forcing myself to complete work that most of the time I wasn’t interested in. I still did my best in school, but I was always thinking of being somewhere else, doing something I liked better.

What was starting school like for you? Share if you’re inspired!

Monday Sparks — Writing prompt

class-255620_1280Write your favorite memory from the last day of school.

One of my favorites was this year when my kids got out of school.  I had the car packed, ready to go, and as soon as that final dimissal was announced, we jumped in the car, heading out onto the open road, leaving the grind for the past nine months in our dust.

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