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download-1013981_1280Be Your Own Expert

Another way to bring authenticity to your writing is writing about what interests you and educating yourself into becoming an expert.

As I said in an earlier post, I worked in public libraries for years.  Using one as a setting  would be easy for me.  I am also interested in the Golden Age of Hollywood, the 1930’s and 40’s.  If I wanted to set a book in this period, I would happily do more research because it is a subject I am already interested in.

If you choose a subject you aren’t interested in, it will be difficult to write about it with any enthusiasm.  I once created a character, a teenage boy who earned money working on cars.  It was a dumb choice.  I knew nothing about cars (still don’t) and had no interest in them (still don’t as long as they run when I want them to).  It just didn’t work.

I love horses.  So creating a family that runs a business with horses came naturally.  I also made some characters of that family farriers.  Now I know nothing about the blacksmiths who shoe horses.  But I am interested in that skill, so when my library had a program featuring a blacksmith, I was eager to ask him questions.

If you are writing nonfiction, writing about your interest should be easy and your desire to learn more a given.  If you blog about the adventures of your pet, read up on the animal’s history as a pet, how the animal acts in the wild, unusual facts about it, anything to add to your knowledge

Become your own expert and enliven your writing.

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