The Way We Are by Tanya Eavenson

Today’s the last day of our Christmas promotion. I have one more author to introduce to you. I hope some of these titles and blurbs stirred your interest and can help you check off a gift on your list. The Way We Are by Tanya Eavenson is two books in one–two romantic suspense novels in one volume. To take read the first pages, click here.

To Gain a Bodyguard – Book One

Undercover ICE agent Madi Reynolds has spent years infiltrating a human-trafficking ring, but when her life is threatened, she is forced to walk away and advised to leave the country. Undeterred, she continues her plan to attend her brother’s Christmas wedding, with her partner assigned as her bodyguard. But after seeing Brice care for her niece, she finds it’s more than her life that needs protecting. Is there really any defense for the heart?

War Veteran and ICE agent Brice Johnson has been defending his country and American lives for as long as he can remember. Now, he faces the biggest assignment of his life–protect the woman he loves. He’s never been one to run from a fight, but when an old flame butts in expecting a second chance with Madi, and crippling visions of war call out to him, he begins to wonder if surrender is an option after all

To Gain a Bodyguard – Book Two

Undercover ICE agent, Brice Johnson, fell in love with his partner, but the fight to control his PTSD drove him to leave her and his assignment.

Deep undercover, ICE agent Madi Reynolds’ identity is blown, and she is involved in a hit-and-run meant to kill. Lucky to be alive after her vehicle was forced off the mountain, she finds herself in a wheelchair and facing an unknown future.

Even though the men responsible were tracked down and brought to justice, Brice’s gut tells him Madi is still not safe. Details of the investigation aren’t adding up. In secret, Brice moves to Helen, Georgia, across the street from Madi. But how long can he stay in the shadows when seeing her struggle day in and day out bombards him with memories of their happier days.

Unable to forgive himself for Madi’s accident, Brice vows to protect her, but is it enough? Is he enough?

A Christmas Blessing by Judith McNees

Featuring A Christmas Blessing by Judith McNees today, if you’re looking for a Hallmark movie in book form. Click here for a sneak peek inside. Be sure to check out the other books in Judith’s Tranquil Shores series. And the guest blog Judith wrote for me back in September about how the natural beauty of her native Michigan provides the settings for her stories.

Can two opposites look past appearances to see each other’s hearts?

Lauren Blessing has a problem. All the men she dates turn out to be jerks. When the latest in a string of bad relationships ends, she takes a break from dating for a while. After all, she has everything she needs to be happy…right?

Parker Johnson has a problem of his own. He can’t seem to shake his feelings for his high school crush. When she winds up suddenly single a week before Christmas, her friends do what they can to get them together. But how can he make her fall for him if he can barely speak to her?

As they spend time together, will Parker open up enough to show Lauren who he is inside? Will Lauren allow God to help her let go of what she wants to get what she needs?

Back cover of A Christmas Blessing

Melody’s Song by Kathleen E. Friesen

Check out the back cover blurb of Melody’s Song by Kathleen E. Friesen, a novel of contemporary women’s Christian fiction, and then read the first few pages below.

After the tragic death of her husband, timid Melody Jamison moves to the city of Saskatoon in search of a peaceful life, an escape from the nightmares that haunt her, and the safe return of her son, Will.

However, Will is determined to prove he doesn’t need anyone, and God isn’t even a blip on his radar. Trouble seems to follow him, but he’s strong enough to deal with anything. At least that’s what he wants to believe.

Melody keeps praying, even though she’d not sure God hears her. With her faith as fragile as yesterday’s dream, she is shaken when dying friend Rose Martens predicts that God will use her to bless their neighborhood. As Melody gets to know her new neighbors, she finds herself on a faith journey through demonic attacks, domestic violence, and the revelation of a secret that could destroy everything she’s gained.


Whap! The old screen door slammed and echoed through the nearly empty farmhouse. Melody Jamison startled and bumped her head in the cavernous refrigerator she’d been cleaning. She struggled to her feet as her daughter Faith rushed into the kitchen, her hair a white-gold banner streaming behind her. 

“Mom? Oh, there you are. Sorry we’re late, but Jessica decided to nap an extra hour, and then she filled her diaper at the last minute, and… Are you okay?” 

Melody tossed her cleaning cloth into the sink, feeling much older than her forty-four years. She leaned against the blue-tiled counter and rolled her aching shoulders. 

“I think so.” She sighed, shoulders dropping. “I knew this move would be hard, leaving this old farm…saying goodbye…but it’s even harder than I’d expected.” 

Her eyes welled up and she wiped them with the frayed hem of Tom’s old denim shirt. “I just can’t help feeling as though I’ve failed your father. You know how he loved this place. And after four generations of Jamisons…” 

Faith circled slowly, looking like a sad ballerina as her chin quivered at the barrenness of what used to be their home. Then she crossed the room and wrapped Melody in a hug. “Yeah, I know.” 

Her daughter pulled back but didn’t let go. “But you are doing the right thing. I still wish you were moving to a better part of the city, but at least you’ll be in Saskatoon. I’ve been worried about you being out here all alone, working yourself into the ground. I couldn’t bear to lose you, too. Dad would never expect you to run the farm by yourself.” She paused. “You do know that, right?” She pressed her cheek to her mother’s. “And we prayed about this, remember?” 

Faith stepped back, peered into her mother’s eyes. Melody looked away—too late. “You look exhausted. How long has it been since you’ve slept?” 

Melody didn’t want to answer. Nightmares had haunted her days and devoured her nights ever since Tom’s death, but she wasn’t about to admit it to her daughter. She leaned into the hug and rested her head on Faith’s slender shoulder.

Home Where She Belongs by Penny Frost McGinnis

Welcome to the holiday season! I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled theme, which is all about endings this month, and taking time to highlight the books of writer friends. If you’re looking to buy Christian fiction as gifts, the posts this week will give you ideas on how to wrap up a great story for a gift. First up is Home Where She Belongs by Penny Frost McGinnis, a fellow author with Mt. Zion Ridge Press. Here’s the back cover blurb for her debut novel.

Tired of being a pawn for her father and an emotional punching bag for her ex-boyfriend, Sadie Stewart escapes to Abbott Island where she spent summers with her grandparents. Would the love and faith she learned from them be enough to fuel her new life? She wants to believe God’s promises, yet broken trust holds her back. 

Joel Grayson left the island long enough to train at the Police Academy. The community trusts him, even though he’s failed. When he finds Sadie at her grandparents’ cottages, his heart skips a beat. He’d love to get to know her again, but no one needs to share the hurt he harbors. 

When Sadie discovers someone is sabotaging her future, she seeks Joel’s help. As they are drawn together, will Joel let down his guard and let her in? Will Sadie trust the man who loves her and the Father Who cares?

To get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what inspiration Penny used to pen (Sorry. Had to do it) her “small-town romance with a dash of mystery and the promise of hope”, click here to visit her post. Penny also wrote a guest blog for me about using nature in our writing.

What’s the best book you’ve received as a Christmas gift?

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