Character Prompt for a Short Story

After starting the month with a setting prompt and an object prompt, this week I’m offering a character prompt for a short story. I chose this photo because the expression on the little boy intrigued me. He’s holding a plane, like he’s been playing with it, but he looks so serious or stunned. Like I did with my other short story prompts, I’m answering what, where, when, who, why, and how to spark my imagination.

What?–A toy plane.

Where?–In the neighbor’s woods.

When?–During a spring shower in the afternoon.

Who?—A six-year-old boy and an elderly neighbor.

How?–The little boy was throwing his plane. It sailed into the woods owned by his grouchy neighbor.

Why?–The little boy looks stunned because he retrieved his plane but now sees his neighbor walking into the woods

I can’t decide whether the little boy learns that the neighbor isn’t really grouchy or is much meaner than he ever suspected. What do you think?

How does the photo inspire you to answer the questions?

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