Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts

What is your best/ worst memory about starting school?

One of my most vivid memories about starting school happened when I was in eighth grade. Up until that time, I had two modes, summer and school. When school started, my relaxed summer mode would switch over to the energetic school mode. In that mode, I felt eager to do work at school.

In October of eighth grade, I was sitting in the last class of the day and realized my school mode hadn’t kicked in yet. That was strange. It was usually in top working order by October. I wondered what happened.

And I still do. I never found my school mode again. I trudged through high school, and even college, in summer mode, forcing myself to complete work that most of the time I wasn’t interested in. I still did my best in school, but I was always thinking of being somewhere else, doing something I liked better.

What was starting school like for you? Share if you’re inspired!

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