Poems of Faith

I love to write poetry. The art form is such a change of pace from writing mysteries. Nature usually is the catalyst to inspire me, and when it does, the result is almost always poems of faith.

One place in nature that sparks my poetic side is the river by our house. I find such escape and solace hanging there. Here’s a variation of a poem I wrote a few years ago.

If you’ve written a poem of faith, you can share it in the comments. Or share a favorite Christian poem. For more poetry prompts, click here.

Funny Haiku

My last prompt of April combines my two themes, National Humor Month and National Poetry Month, into a funny haiku. I love haiku but working in the humor was difficult. If you want to read how it’s done, visit Lori Z. Scott’s poems. The weird thing is I wrote this poem almost a week before we got three inches of snow dumped on us.

Snowstorms in April?

Winter, such rude behavior

Only hurts your rep.

For more haiku prompts, click here.

What funny haiku are you inspired to write?

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