cropped-dsc_95021.jpgA Contemporary Christian YA Novel

The truth has never been a friend to the Lody family.  It hurts for sixteen-year-old Junior Lody, his brothers and sisters and two cousins to admit the real reason their great aunt has raised them.  Their fathers are too busy pulling cons to think of their kids.  But when Aunt Cori dies, the truth becomes downright dangerous.  To stay together, Junior cons everyone in their rural West Virginia county into believing that his father has come home to take care of them.  As a Christian, Junior feels guilty telling so many lies.  He prays there’s an honest way to keep the family together.
But soon lying is only one of Junior’s worries.  The Lody kids attract the attention of the Kimmels, a family of petty crooks, and Sheriff Acker, who believes the only Lody you can trust is one behind bars.  To end the persecution before it ends his family, Junior risks trusting his cousin Gabe, a traveling rock drummer, and his twenty-one-year-old, pool-playing uncle Mike.  With help from them, and other unlikely sources, Junior discovers the truth is more of a friend than he ever imagined.