Guest Blogger Madisyn Carlin

It’s always fun to introduce to a new author here at JPC Allen Writes. My guest blogger Madisyn Carlin releases her first novel, Deceived, on April 25 and offers tips for the writer beginning to wade into the unknown waters of writing his or her first novel. I arrived late to the writing scene. Instead… Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger Maryruth Dilling

My guest blogger Maryruth Dilling, is new to JPC Allen Writes. She kindly volunteered to do this post when I was looking for guest bloggers who write both nonfiction and fiction. Welcome, Maryruth! This past November during NaNoWriMo 2019, I took a giant leap at a writing project I had been percolating in my head… Continue Reading →

What Makes Speculative Fiction Unique?

I’ve followed Jennifer Hallmark for years, but this is the first time she’s been a guest blogger on my site. Her first novel, Jessie’s Hope, is women’s fiction, but now she’s taken off down the yellow brick road into the world of speculative fiction. What makes speculative fiction unique? Jennifer tells us below. Jurassic Park…. Continue Reading →

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