What’s the Ending?

What’s the ending for this final prompt of the year? The photo is suitable for any holiday or celebration, but I’ll set it during New Year’s Eve. For more prompts for endings, click here. Here’s my inspiration: “Let’s burn up the old year.” I hand him sparkler. He takes it, and I light one for… Continue Reading →

A Poem for 2022

I’m taking a different approach to my last writing prompt about endings. Write a poem for 2022 that sums your experiences in the year. I decided to go with a haiku. Fear, worry, and doubt Clenching tighter and tighter. Father breaks them all. JPC Allen I’d love to read your poem, in whatever poetic form… Continue Reading →

Use Labor Day in a Story

I decided to take advantage of the holiday falling on a Monday to inspire today’s writing prompt. How would you use Labor Day in a story? For those of us with kids in school, Labor Day often feels like New Year’s Day. The beginning of a new school year feels like it should also be… Continue Reading →

What Music Has Inspired Your Writing?

Last week, my prompt was about songs that could be turned into novels. This week I’m broadening my question. What music has inspired your writing? Have you listened to a piece, whether a song or instrumental piece, and imagined a scene to go with it? It’s almost impossible for me to listen to any kind… Continue Reading →

What Songs Could Be Novels?

I’m sure all of us creative people have listened to a song and thought it had the makings of a great story. Of course many songs tell stories set to music. But I’m writing about songs that would inspire you to expand on the story outlined in the lyrics. What songs could be novels? Murder… Continue Reading →

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