Collaborative Mystery Part 4

Collaborative mystery part 4 goes up today and it’s the last prompt for the story. I’ll post the story in its entirety next Monday. If you want to read part 1 of the mystery, click here. For part 2, click here. For part three, click here. If you are new to this kind of writing prompt, here… Continue Reading →

Write a Mystery with Me

It’s mystery month on JPC Allen Writes, and like I did last year, I’m inviting you to write a mystery with me. I’ll post photos in the hope that you will join me to write a collaborative story. What is a collaborative story? It’s a story in which authors take turns writing it. I’ll post… Continue Reading →

Write a Mystery with Me, Part 3

I’ve always felt October is the perfect month for mysteries. If you feel the same way, grab your computer and magnifying glass and use today’s photo prompt to write a mystery with me, part 3. Read the latest additions below and then add your inspiration in the comments. To read last week’s installment, click here…. Continue Reading →

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