What If NaNoWriMo Isn’t For You?

You’ve prepared through all of October to start your novel on November 1. You’ve got your character charts, plot outline, and major settings worked out. You will reach 50,000 words by November 30. You just know it. This idea has been bubbling in your mind so long you just have to get it into print…. Continue Reading →

Mixing History and Fantasy, Part 1

I have yet another new author to introduce to you this month. Betty Kulich has a novella in the same anthology my inverse mystery short story “Bovine” appears in, Ohio Trail Mix. Her story, “The Mask”, is genre-bending, mixing history and fantasy. Tell us all about your story, Betty! How can someone write creative fiction… Continue Reading →

Mixing History and Fantasy, Part 2

Here’s “Mixing History and Fantasy, Part 2” by guest blogger Betty Kulich. To read the first part of her blog, click her. Betty discusses how she combined the two genres for her novella, The Mask. Your turn, Betty! As a Christian author, the connection to the supernatural needed a Biblical spiritual connection and not that… Continue Reading →

Writing Tip — Guest Blogger Bettie Boswell

One of the authors in From the Lake to the River has stopped by to talk about her short story “Fred’s Gift” and her writing journey. Please welcome, Bettie Boswell! You said your father inspired your story. What parts of the character Fred are like your father and what parts aren’t? Bettie: My father was known for… Continue Reading →

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