My YA mystery short story, “A Rose from the Ashes” appears in this anthology.

Nineteen-year-old Rae Riley knows she needs to fulfill her late mother’s dying wish. But she needs even more to find her father. And the man who attacked her mother twenty years ago on Christmas Eve and left her to burn in an abandoned building. And if her father and the attacker are one and the same.

The other five stories aren’t your Granny’s Christmas stories either…

Step off the beaten path and enjoy six stories that look beyond the expected, the traditional, the tried-and-true.

Inspired by the song, Mary Did You Know? — a mother’s memories of events leading up to and following that one holy night. MARY, DID YOU KNOW?

Princess, tower, sorceress, dragon, brave knight, clever peasant — combine these ingredients into a Christmas-time story that isn’t quite what you’d expect. RETURN TO CALLIDORA

Anticipating tough financial times, the decision not to buy or exchange presents leads to some painful and surprising revelations for a hardworking man and his family. NOT THIS YEAR

Years ago, a gunman and a store full of hostages learned some important lessons about faith and pain and what really matters in life — and the echoes from that day continue to the present. THOSE WHO STAYED

A community of refugees, a brutal winter, a doorway to another world — a touch of magic creating holiday joy for others leads to a Christmas wish fulfilled. CRYSTAL CHRISTMAS

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My very first short story appears in this anthology of Christian fiction set in Ohio. “Debt to Pay” is a country noir story. While out cutting wood in Wayne National Forest, a teenager and his older brother stumble across a dying millionaire, who claims his private plane was rigged to crash. Do the brothers seek justice or cash in?

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