Choose a Protagonist for a YA Story

Protagonist is just an English major way of saying main character. My prompt today is for you to choose a protagonist for a YA story based on the photos below. In the comments, name the one you think would make a good protagonist. I’ll pick the one that gets the most comments, and then next… Continue Reading →

Choose an Antagonist for a YA Story

After tabulating the votes, we have a tie for which one of the photos from last week will be our YA protagonist. To break the tie, I selected … the young man below. I like his thoughtful look. This week, choose an antagonist for a YA story from the other photos I provide. An antagonist… Continue Reading →

Building Blocks for a YA Story

Although the month has changed, I still have one post for last month’s theme of YA fiction. My Monday Sparks Writing Prompts have been about the building blocks for a YA story, encouraging readers to vote on a protagonist, antagonist, plot, and setting. All the elements are pictured above and I’ll list them below. I’ll… Continue Reading →

What’s Their Plot for a YA Story?

Last week, I posted photos for readers to choose an antagonist for the young man in the Nike shirt as we assemble the literary building blocks for a YA story. The winner is this red-headed girl. Now that we have our protagonist and antagonist, we can turn to plot. What’s their plot for a YA… Continue Reading →

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