Everyday Writing Inspiration

My last post discussed drawing writing inspiration from yourself and your inner circle. Everyday writing inspiration can also come from your daily routine. Look at what you do most days and see if it can generate sparks for stories. Here’s what I do most days of the work week. So what inspiration can I derive… Continue Reading →

Rivers as Writing Inspiration

For the past sixteen years, we have lived across a road from a river and a creek that flows into it. Although I haven’t used rivers as writing inspiration in my mystery series yet, rivers provide so much potential as symbols and plot points that they shouldn’t be overlooked. Crossing Rivers Crossing rivers throughout history… Continue Reading →

Finding Writing Inspiration in the Bible

Finding writing inspiration in the Bible isn’t confined to historical fiction or modern retellings of Biblical stories. Because the Bible contains all sorts of people, who faced all sorts of challenges, as well as discussions of human frailties, a writer can find limitless material for stories. Need a Realistic Character? Want to build a believable… Continue Reading →

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